Daughters of Destiny International™ is a faith-based organization and ministry conceived on July 15, 1997 in Atlanta, GA within the spiritual womb of our Founder/Chief Visionary Officer (CV0), Prophetess Dr. Kemba Jarena Lucas.

Founder Lucas was in a month-long consecration and supplication for God to reveal her divine destiny, when God's Plan for Daughters of Destiny International was revealed to her. God commissioned and mandated our Founder Lucas to birth Daughters of Destiny International (DOD)- An International Destiny Training Center to train and equip Christian Girls and Young Women, ages 2-39, and their families for effective Christian Mission within their home church and/or ministry, their community and the world.

Over the span of fifteen (15) years, DOD has established 28 Chapters/Ministry Sites, 18 Ministry Components, and 12 Online Radio Programs/Podcasts, 3 WebJournals/Blogs as a part of its Internet Ministry Division, a Virtual Training Center (inclusive of our Destiny Divinity School), and three Sister Ministries (KEYS International, My Destiny Midwife and Kelaiah Sared Anointments). Our Founder and/or our Ministry Teaching Team, Destined STEPS, travel faithfully to institutions of learning, churches, ministries, and faith-based and/or community-based organizations. As DOD obeys our mandate to go to "whomever, wherever" God has ordered our steps, a Spirit of Excellence and God-Authority empowers us to equip hundreds of thousands annually. Now headquartered in Northern Georgia (Duluth) and New York City (Manhattan), we seek to enlarge our mother's womb with the joy of the Lord (Jeremiah 20:17).

May God strengthen our hands to continue fulfilling our Global Mission and Mandate -- To be A Lighthouse escorting God's Daughters (and their families) to their divine destinies.